Advanced Internet 4541.774 (2004 Fall, Prof. Kwon)




Special Topics in the Internet


1. Overview

- understand research topics/issues in the Internet technologies

- achieve expertise about relevant IETF standards or drafts

- design/enhance and evaluate proposals in the selected topics


2. Notice

For class schedules and grading stuffs, refer to class-intro.ppt

Presentation schedule will be posted in Sept.


3. Schedule

Oct. 4th: no class, due to Thanksgiving

Nov. 3rd: NEMO introduction by TA

Nov. 8th: class or seminar


4. Grading

a single presentation 60% (1 to 10 by audience)

exam 30% (by TA)

attendance 10% (up to two absences is ok)


5. TA

Cho, Ki-duck(

Voice: 876-7170


Cho, Ho-sik(

Voice: 880-9147


6. Lecture Notes





           Mobile IPv4


           peer to peer

           NEMO (by TA)

           Mobile IPv6 (by TA)

           WLAN security

           IP security



7. Board


8. Presentation (every speaker who is scheduled sends professor and TA the softcopy of the paper to present
           and TA the presentation file before the presentation.)

           presentation schedule (changed)

           topic assignment (for students who didn't decide it yet)


9. Exam, Solution and Score
    Final Score