Discrete Mathematics

(4190.101 002 ) 


1. overview

- obtain basic knowledge of discrete mathematics

- learn how to apply discrete mathematics to computer science


2. textbook

Discrete mathematics and its applications

Kenneth Rosen

McGraw-Hill, 5th ed.


3. schedule

Nov. 2nd: no class

Nov. 4th: the 2nd exam

1st week: introduction, logic (intro, 1-logic1, 1-logic2)

2nd week: proof, set theory (2-proof, 3-set)

3rd week: functions, algorithms (4-functions, 5-algorithms)

4th week: order of growth, complexity (6-order-growth, 7-complexity)

5th week: number theory, matrices (8-numbers, 9-matrices)

6th week: proof strategy, sequences (11-sequences)

7th week: summations, inductive proofs (12-summation, 13-induction)

8th week: recursion, combinatorics (14-recursion, 15-combinatorics)

9th week: probability (16-prob)

10th week: recurrences, relations (17-recurrence, 18-relations-1, 18-relations-2)

11th week: graph theory (19-graphs-1, 19-graphs-2)

12th week: reserved for delay


4. grading

three exams 3*30% (by TA)

attendance 10%


5. TA

Chang, Duk-hyun




6. Board


7. ù ° : mid-sol

    ù °

    ° : mid2-sol


    ° : final-sol