Data Communications

(4190.302, prof. Taekyoung, Kwon) 

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2. Overview

   Data communication deals with the transmission of signals in a reliable and efficient manner. Topics covered include signal transmission, signal encoding, interfacing, data link control, multiplexing, protocols and local area networks (LANs).



3. Textbook

Data and Computer Communications, Seventh Edition by William Stallings, PRENTICE Hall


4. Schedule

I. OVERVIEW                                                                      Intro-slide

   1. Data Communications and Networking Overview.      slide (final)

   2. Protocol Architecture.                                                    slide (final)


   3. Data Transmission.                                                        slide (final)

   4. Guided and Wireless Transmission.                             slide (final)

   5. Signal Encoding Techniques.                                         slide (final)

   6. Digital Data Communication Techniques.                    slide (final)

   7. Data Link Control.                                                         slide (final)

   8. Multiplexing.                                                                  slide (final)                                                          

   9. Spread Spectrum.


  10. Circuit Switching and Packet Switching.                      slide (May01)

  11. Asynchronous Transfer Mode.

  12. Routing in Switched Networks.                                    slide1 (May11) slide2 (May15)                  

  13. Congestion Control in Switched Data Networks.        slide (final) 

  14. Cellular Wireless Networks.


  15. Local Area Network Overview.                                    slide1 (final) slide2 (May31)                               

  16. High-Speed LANs.

  17. Wireless LANs.                                                             slide (May31)                                                        


  18. Internetwork Protocols.                                            

  19. Internetwork Operation.

  20. Transport Protocols.

  21. Network Security.

  22. Distributed Applications.



5. Grading

Mid, Final exams 2*45%

Attendance 10%


6. TA

Jihoon, Lee


   Room: 138-414

   Tel: 02-880-9147



7. Board