Logic Design

(4190.201, prof. Taekyoung, Kwon) 

1. Announcement

There is no class on 10/24 (international faculty meeting in China), 10/31 (entrance exam committee meeting)

There is a mid-exam grade. (claim: 11/9~11/10, 3~5pm., 301-518) mid-term grade

There is a final-exam on 12/7. (class hour)

There is a final-exam grade. (claim: 12/12~12/15, 2~4pm., 138-317) final-term grade

There is a course evaluation2. (12/11~12/22) Questionnaire, Manual


2. Overview

Introduces elements consisting digital logic circuits and approaches to design digital logic circuits. Learn about combinational logic and sequential logic, basic elements of circuits and how to design optimized logic circuit.



3. Textbook

Contemporary logic design, 2nd edition: Randy Katz, Gaetano Borriello, Prentice Hall



4. Class

 Time: 10:30-11:45 am, Tue. And Thu

Place: 301-203



5. Schedule

Overview                                                                       Overview-slide

1. Introduction                                                                                    01-slide

2. Combinational Logic Design                                         02-slide

3. Working with Combinational Logic                             03-slide (final version)

4. Combinational Logic Technologies                               04-slide (final version)

5. Case studies for Combinational Logic                          05-slide (final version)

Mid-term Exam

6. Sequential Logic Design                                                06-slide (p.25 is deleted. final version)

7. Finite State Machines                                                     07-slide (final version)

8. Working with Finite State Machines                             08-slide (final version)

9. Sequential Logic Technologies                                      09-slide (final version)

10. Case studies in Sequential Logic Design                     10-slide (final version)

Final Exam



6. Grading

Two exams 2*40%

Attendance 10%

Homework 10%



7. Board