From Incheon International Airport (IIA)

Airport Limousine Service
Take airport limousine bus(#603) via Gimpo Airport and get off in front of Main Gate of SNU. Bus fare is 5,500 Won and it takes about 80 minutes under normal traffic conditions. Service is available everyday from 5 am to 8 pm at IIA with no charge for the normal amount of baggage. In front of Main Gate of SNU, You can get on 5511, 5512, 5513 or SNU Shuttle Bus to come to Engineering Education & Research Building, Building #301.

Taxi Service
Taking regular taxi costs about 50,000 won and it takes one hour or so under normal traffic conditions. This service is available 24 hours everyday.

Call-van Service
Call-van is called "Jumbo Taxi" here and service can hold up to 5 passengers and up to one ton of baggage. Fares are about 50,000 won IIA to SNU. For reservations, please call at 1588-6499 (domestic) or +82 2 310 3312 (overseas).



From Any Subway Station


Subway and Bus Number 5511 or 5512 or 5513

The closest subway station from SNU is Seoul Dae Ip-ku (Seoul National University Station) - station number 228 on the number 2 or green line. So you may get off there and leave the station through exit number 3. Then, walk straight ahead for approximately 40 meters until you find a bus stop for bus number 5512 toward the College of Business Administration or 5511 toward the Administration Building.