Byoungwook Lee
Multimedia & Computer Communication Lab.,
School of Computer Science and Engineering, Seoul National Univ.
San 56-1, Shillimdong, Kwanakgu, Seoul, Korea, 151-742
Phone : +82-2-876-7170


Research Interests
  • Wireless Sensor Network
  • Mobile IP (HMIPv6, NEMO)
  • Resource Management in Telecommunication System
  • QoS in 802.11 WLAN

  • International Journal and Conference
    1. Sangheon Pack,Byoungwook Lee, and Yanghee Choi, "Proactive Load Control Scheme at Mobility Anchor Point in Hierarchical Mobile IPv6 Networks," IEICE Transactions on Information & Systems, Vol. E87-D, No. 12, pp. 2578-2585, December 2004.
    2. Sangheon Pack,Byoungwook Lee, and Yanghee Choi, "Load Control Scheme at Local Mobility Agent in Mobile IPv6 Networks, ” in Proc. World Wireless Congress (WWC) 2004, San Francisco, USA, May 2004. (Acceptance ratio: 32.3% (200/619))
    3. Byoungwook Lee, Sangheon Pack, Taekyoung Kwon, and Yanghee Choi, "A Pointer Forwarding Scheme with Mobility-Aware Binding Update in Hierarchical Mobile IPv6 Networks,” Submitted to IEEE Global Internet Symposium (GI) 2005 (Under Review)

  • Domestic Journal and Conference
    1. 이병욱, 조호식, 유태완, 최양희, 인민교, 이승훈, "IPv6 멀티캐스트를 이용한 고품질 화상회의 응용," 정보과학회 춘계학술대회, 대전, April, 2004.

Projects and Experiences
  • IPv6 환경에서의 화상회의 플랫폼 개발 (2003, funded by ETRI)
  • 실시간 데이터 수집을 위한 원격 센서 네트워크 연구 (2004, funded by KT)

  • "RFID 관리 시스템 및 RFID 태그 위치 정보 관리 방법1", 백상헌,이병욱, 권태경, 김홍수, 김동석, 최지영, 2004-0107289, 2004-12-16, pending
  • "RFID 관리 시스템 및 RFID 태그 위치 정보 관리 방법2", 백상헌,이병욱, 권태경, 최영재, 송진석, 강형준, 2004-0107290, 2004-12-16, pending

Programming Skills
  • C, C++, WIN32 API, Java, Visual Basic

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