Manet At Sea Considering QoS


Administrative Data

  • Period: July. 2005 – June. 2007
  • Sponsor: KOSEF (Korea Science and Engineering Foundation)




Project Summary


·        Goal


This study focuses on the development of MANET models for vessels at sea (which are still in the dark areas of the Internet services), and their routing protocols that enable for vessels at sea to access the Internet services like WWW.


·        Description


(1) MANET models for vessels at sea can have various mobility patterns:

- There are different kind of vessels at sea: passenger ships, ferry, fishing ships, cargos, and trading vessels, etc. These variety implies that modeling topology and mobility patterns is a challenging problem.

- The existing MANET models (e.g. mobility) has not taken into account the characteristics of vessel movement at see such as relatively sparse topological patterns, weak communication infrastructures, rich computing resources, mobile patterns along with the courses, and relatively slow and gradual movements.

- The network protocols (say, routing protocols) for vessels at sea can leverage the existing positioning technologies such as GPS. By utilizing the positioning capability, network protocols will get benefit such as  better connectivity, location-aware grouping (or hierarchy), and movement prediction.


(2) QoS-aware routing protocols :

- QoS-aware routing protocols based on the links, traffics, and applications characteristics of vessels at sea will be proposed.




·        Papers


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