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As the deployment of IEEE 802.16 networks progresses, Multicast Broadcast Service (MBS) will be introduced on IEEE 802.16e networks. The characteristics of IEEE 802.16e networks put special considerations on how MBS Zone used. This research will analyze the network performance and the access delay of our proposed MBS Zone architecture and alternatives regarding Mobile Stations (MS) mobility, via OPNET simulation.




(1) There is a trade-off between the total network throughput and the delay during handovers in sizing a MBS Zone. IEEE 802.16e MBS requires re-connection and re-authentication for MBS service flows when a MS goes into a different MBS Zone. Within the same MBS Zone, these may not be required. Therefore, a MS which belongs to a big MBS Zone can move wider receiving seamless multicast and broadcast contents than others which belong to a small Zone. However, total network throughput may severely be inefficient since multicast and broadcast contents need to be flooded within a MBS zone boundary.


(2) In addition, to design a huge MBS Zone may be idealistic. For Multi-BS Access like Figure 1, one MBS Zone may span multiple cells of the same 802.16e network. Its possible to use RF boundaries such as sectors, cells, and paging zones to define MBS Zones, but each MBS Zone shall locate on single frequency network only. Moreover, the 802.16e network may synchronously simulcast the same MBS contents from multiple BSs to facilitate soft combining of the signal received by the MS. It means that to design a huge MBS Zone which covers thousands of BSs is not realistic because of different usage of frequency channels and synchronization problem among BSs.




        Technical Report


-         WiMAX MBS Architecture v1.0 pdf


       MBS network reference model

       MBS service flow

       MBS channel zapping delay

       MBS security architecture

       MBS zone management


        Standard drafts


-         Sulyun Sung, and Jihoon Lee, WiMAX MBS Architecture, WiMAX Forum Network Working Group, 070126_NWG_Posdata_MBS_r3.doc, Jan. 2007.




-         Taekyoung Kwon, Jihoon Lee, Hojin Lee, Bokgyun Jeon and Yanghee Choi,  Handover Issues in Multicast/Broadcast Services over WiMAX networks, submitted to IEEE Network Magzine, Jan. 2007.


        Simulation Module


-         Rate Adaptation extension based on NIST 802.16 modules in NS2



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