WiMAX Multicast Broadcast Service (MBS) Implementation


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·        Goal


One of the killer applications in WiMAX networks will be a multimedia streaming service, which is referred to as the multicast and broadcast service (MBS) in the WiMAX Forum. However, to the best of our knowledge, there has been no work on the implementation of functional entities and message flows to substantiate the MBS architecture. In this project, we develop add-on functions for the MBS-enabled base station and mobile station including their signaling protocols. Finally, we will demonstrate an multicast video streaming service in the Mobile WiMAX network.


·        Demo


(1) MBS service: Show video multicast service in a cell, which may accept unlimited number of MSs. Let's say that the maximum downlink bandwidth per base station is 3Mbps at QPSK 1/2. For multicast, each MS can receive 3 Mbps video stream simultaneously. Regardless the number of MSs, the video stream will be serviced.


(2) Intra-MBS zone handover: Additionally, we can demonstrate Intra-MBS zone handover, which enables seamless video service during an IEEE 802.16e inter-cell handover.


(3) Macro diversity support: Last, optionally we may show you macro diversity mode in MBS. If two base stations are in the same FA, it's possible for MBS packets to be scheduled synchronously between two base stations. It requires us to design and implement a new mechanism which guarantees synchronous transmission from MBS Controller (MBSC) to all base stations.





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·         전복균, 이호진, 이지훈, 권태경, 최양희, "IEEE 802.16e에서 효율적인 MBS 데이터 스케쥴링 기법," 한국통신학회 2007 추계종합학술대회, 서울대학교, November, 2007.

·         POSDATA MBS Design Document. pdf



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