Research on Video MAC for QoS-Guaranteed

Video Transport over IEEE 802.11 WLAN


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        We understand problems and demands of MAC layer multicast transmission in IEEE 802.11 WLAN, and develop efficient WLAN MAC layer multicast rate adaptation. Also, we evaluate WLAN MAC layer multicast transmission based on various multimedia application scenario. Finally, through NS-2 simulation, we analyze our proposals performance.

        Based on our multicast algorithm that adapts transmission rate in WLAN MAC and NS-2 simulation result, we can participate in working group for IEEE 802.11v standard. Building testbed for multicast transmission rate technique depending on Future WLAN environment is expected.




-          Technical report, paper and patent about WLAN MAC multicast

-          NS-2 simulation source code

-          Final research result report






-          , , , Nakjung Choi, Choongho Lee, Soyoung Park, Taekyoung Kwon and Yanghee Choi,"Method of Transmission and Reception Data Frame of Supporting Video MAC Protocol and System," pending Korea 2007-0132581, December 17, 2007.


        IEEE 802.11 presenstation


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