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Network Architectures for Video Communications

In this scheme, nodes are randomly connected and the data transmissions are done through the connections. If lucky, nodes can send data through the best route, although in most cases the data deliveries are done with extreme inefficiency. Faily intuitive.

2.Multicast Minimum Spanning Tree (MST)
In this scheme, the system firstly constructs the minimum spanning tree based on the connectivity graph and send data through the tree. A spanning tree T of a connected, undirected graph G is a tree composed of all the vertices and some (or perhaps all) of the edges of G. Informally, a spanning tree of G is a selection of edges of G that form a tree spanning every vertex. That is, every vertex lies in the tree, but no cycles (or loops) are formed. On the other hand, every bridge of G must belong to T. A minimum spanning tree is the spanning tree with the lowest sum of loads of the edges.

All the nodes make connections with all the other nodes except self.

4. MCU-based
A multipoint control unit (MCU) is a central device that organizes the traffic among multiple nodes. Since MCU load-balances the traffic between nodes, the system can have smooth transmissions according to the current situation.

P&G Algorithm

Charateristics of P&G Algorithm

  • Multi-treed
  • Load-balanced
  • Suited for realtime applications (Video communuication)
  • Results