The goal of this project is research and evaluation of routing and caching architecture for the Named-data Networking, which is a prominent content-centric network architecture as a solution for upcoming Data Explosion problem. The project is mainly composed of three parts, routing/caching architecture, testbed implementation, and pilot application development.

  • Scalable and efficient routing/caching architecture for Named-data Networking
    • Requirement and fundamental functionality for Named-data Network
    • Content management scheme considering popularity, topology, content characteristics
    • Cache distribution/replacement algorithm considering content characterstics, network topology and user requirement
  • Efficient caching algorithm for Named-data Networking
    • Requirement analysis for the testbed
    • Prototyping of wireless base station for Named-data Networking
  • Pilot application for evaluation of Named-data Networking
    • Requirement analysis for the pilot application for NDN testbed
    • Prototyping of application service framework for NDN

Administrative Data

  • Overall Period: March. 1. 2011 ~ February. 28. 2014 (currently second year)
  • Sponsor: Korea Communication Agency



  • (Kor) 본 연구는 한국방송통신위원회의 인프라원천기술개발사업의 연구결과로 수행되었음(KCA-2012-11-911-05-002).
  • (Eng) This research was supported by the KCC (Korea Communications Commision), Korea, under the R&D program supervised by the KCA (Korea Communications Agency) (KCA-2012-11-911-05-002).


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