The purpose of this project is to design and implement multi-core based content routers for alleviating the overhead of the Internet by reducing the large quantity of video traffic. Our target multi-core based content router utilizes a multi-core CPU which is embedded with 10G network interfaces, and is expected to bring enhancement of Content Centric Network by parallel processing of the packets. The existing content routers are software based and do not support 10G NICs, and are limited in functions and performance. On the other hand, our multi-core based content router is equipped with four 10G NICs, and Gx8036 MCC which is a 36 multi-core processor that supports 270 GIPS.
Our project is composed of two main research areas.

  • Multi-core based CR Software development
  • The software module of this project consists of 3 parts: IO engine for processing a large number of input/output packets, multi-processing engine for efficient utilization of the multi-core CPU, and Content Centric Networking Framework.
  • Multi-core based CR Hardware development
  • To solve the limitation of PCIe bus in the previous GPU based supercomputing approaches, we develop a hardware using a specialized processor that the NIC is embedded in the processor and the memory is directly connected to the CPU.

Administrative Data

  • Overall Period: June. 2012 ~ May. 2014
  • Sponsor: Small and medium business administration



  • (Kor) 본 연구는 중소기업청에서 지원하는 2012 년도 산학연공동기술개발사업(과제번호 C0018176)의 연구수행으로 인한 결과물임을 밝힙니다.
  • (Eng) This work (Grants No.C0018176) was supported by Business for Cooperative R&D between Industry, Academy, and Research Institute funded Korea Small and Medium Business Administration in 2012.


  • TBD

Progression (Earlier researches concerned with the project)

  • Global Performance Enhancement of Content-centric Networking [Link]
  • Fundamental Research on In-network Caching and Routing for Named-data Networking [Link]
  • Inter-Networking Architecture for Future Networks (INAF) [Link]