The goal of this project is to suggest a Content Centric Network (CCN) application model for mobile environment. CCN is an evolving content distribution architecture that enables efficient content transmission based on in-network caching and reducing data traffic of traditional client-server network model. Thus this project proposes to designed network model focuses on user/server mobility environment for Smart Node Platform (SNP)

  • Mobile Content-centric Networking for SNP
    • Research on current mobile content service
    • Analysis on current network technology for mobile network
    • Prototyping and evaluating a mobile CCN model for SNP

Administrative Data

  • Overall Period: May. 2013 ~ Dec. 2013 (8 months)
  • Sponsor: Electronics and Telecommunications Research Institute (ETRI)



  • (Kor) 본 연구는 미래창조과학부가 지원한 2013년 정보통신·방송(ICT) 연구개발사업의 연구결과로 수행되었음.
  • (Eng) This research was funded by the MSIP(Ministry of Science, ICT & Future Planning), Korea in the ICT R&D Program 2013.


  • Domestic conference
    • Donghyun Kim, Myungchul Kwak, Munyoung Lee, Donghyun Son, Taekyoung Kwon, and Yanghee Choi, "Scalable Flowvisor Platform for Network Virtualization" in Proc.of KIISE Conference Fall 2013, Jeju Island, Korea, Nov. 2013.