The purpose of this project is to design and implement whole architecture to serve large-size contents. Our target architecture can be divided two parts - server side, client side. In server side, we will design and develop adaptive and distributed caching algorithm to efficiently store and serve tremendous amount of contents, based on the peer-to-peer protocol (P2P). To maximize efficiency and support streaming service, we design variation of P2P protocol and also caching algorithm compatible with the protocol. Our goal is extended to develop video player working with the server side P2P-variation algorithm, which can work in multi-devices in client perspective. We expect our goal can ease difficulty for current popular technology for content distribution such as Content Distribution Network (CDN) to support the streaming service for the tremendous-size contents.

Administrative Data

  • Overall Period: Oct. 2014 ~ Sep. 2015
  • Sponsor: Marvlux



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Progression (Earlier researches concerned with the project)