M.S./Ph.D Integrated Course

SEP. 2017 - Present

Computer Science and Engineering

Network Convergence & Security Lab
Seoul National University

B.S. Degree

MAR. 2012 - SEP. 2017

Computer Science and Engineering

Seoul National University





◦  Minhyeok Kang, Hyunwoo Lee, Junghwan Song, Ted “Taekyoung” Kwon, "Proactive SDN-based Load Balancing for Datacenter Network", in Proc. of the 14th International Conference on Future Internet Technologies 2019, Phuket, Thailand. (Poster)


◦  Myeongcheol Kwak, Minhyeok Kang, Taeheon Park, Taekyoung (Ted) Kwon, "Leveraging Gyroscopes for Estimating Heading Directions of Smartphone Users", in Proc. of International Conference on Indoor Positioning and Indoor Navigation (IPIN) 2018, Nantes, France. (Work-in-progress)




◦  Minhyeok Kang, Minkyung Park, Ted “Taekyoung” Kwon,"User-Centric Identity Management System Using Smart Contact", in Proc. of KICS Conference Winter 2018, Korea, Jan. 2018



◦  Analyzing Decentralized Internet Infrastructure Technologies (Supported by ETRI)

◦  Developing Trust Management Scheme in Heterogeneous Network Environment (Supported by ETRI)

◦  Enhacing the performance of DRA for MVNO Roaming Authentication (Supported by K-Cast)

◦  Developing high-performance programming environments and computing systems (Supported by NRF)

◦  Smartcampus: A Research on Localization Scheme based on Multiple Sensors (Supported by Samsung)

◦  Key Management for Data Centric Platform (Supported by ETRI)

◦  ID-Agnostic and Authentication-enabled networking (IDAAN) (Supported by ETRI)

Teaching Asistant

◦  Internet Security and Privacy (Sep. 2019, Undergraduate, Seoul National University)

◦  Cyber Security and Blockchain (Sep. 2019, Undergraduate, Seoul National University)

◦  The 4th Industrial Revolution (Sep. 2018, Graduate, Seoul National University)